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What is Kinesiology?

(Below is an old video, however the information is still useful for you to find out a little more)
First of all, how do you pronounce it?

Kin–EASY–ology … there, it’s easy!

Kinesiology is the combination of modern Western Science and Techniques and Ancient Eastern Philosophies.

Each muscle in our body is connected to our brain through the physical and nervous systems. Kinesiology identifies blockages in these systems, which prevent the natural healing process and cause pain and discomfort. These blockages may be the result of an emotional trauma, unresolved stress, physical injury, insufficient nutrition in our diet or other factors.
I use gentle, non-invasive muscle checking techniques to find out about your specific needs.

Your initial pain relief kinesiology appointment is an Evaluation/Strategy session. It will take approximately one and a half hours to allow me to ask you questions, of your physical and or emotional pain.

If you ask my clients, they say kinesiology is quite magical.

What is the difference between the Kinesiology types?

All Kinesiology share the use of muscle checking to identify blockages in the energy, physical and nervous systems. The main difference between all of the different kinds of Kinesiology on offer is the length of the training. I trained with the Professional Kinesiology Practitioner (PKP) College for 3 years. This involved many hours of study, homework as well as many hours of hands on practical experience.

There are other Kinesiology training courses on offer that go for just a few months or even over 2-4 weekends. These courses are great to use on family and friends and are a great complement to use with other forms of therapy.

The PKP is a complete therapy within itself and the use of emotions are used within the balance. By finding the emotion involved, we believe that the corrections last longer and hold better. I also have studied in Counselling Kinesiology, and this complements the PKP so well.
Kinesiology techniques

What is a Balance?

A balance is also called a Kinesiology consultation (or session). It relates to balancing the ‘whole’ self – Mentally, Emotionally and Physically. It also relates to balancing the energy meridian system and the release of energy blockages?

Will I Benefit from Kinesiology?

Women of all ages who want to do better than just cope with emotional and physical pain in their home and/or work life. You do not have to be unwell to feel the benefits of a kinesiology consultation.

Whatever your symptoms and feelings, kinesiology balances the body to heal itself and helps you feel healthy, relaxed and happy.

What do I need to bring with me?

It would be great if you could write down a list of prescription drugs, Vitamins and Minerals (and anything else), including the dosage amount and whether you take these at night or in the morning. Anything else you feel like writing down, to help you, to achieve what you want out of your balance.

What do I wear?

Kinesiology is done when you are fully dressed, but you probably want to feel comfortable. Therefore, it is best to wear comfortable shorts, slacks or tracksuit pants, which allow flexible movement.

What Happens in a Kinesiology Appointment?

Relieve your physical and/or emotional pain with kinesiology. Reduce your stress, anxiety, back pain, neck pain and other problems, even if you’ve had them for years.

During your kinesiology consultation, I “ask” your body questions and check the answer by gently pressing on your arm. I then determine the appropriate remedy, pressure point and/or affirmations to use to remove the blockage and restore your body’s healthy function.

In the initial consultation, I start by listening and discovering your special circumstances and expectations. Your full history is taken and I take the time to answer any questions you may have, as well as explain and demonstrate how kinesiology works on your body.
Towards the end of the session we start creating a powerful goal to guide your mind-body in the healing process and continue this at your next appointment. There may be home reinforcement given and it is in your best interest to take responsibility and do it!

My Guarantee, to you, is that I will create a comfortable and safe environment for you to process your specific issues. There will not be any judgement surrounding your circumstances, and everything said is private and confidential. You will notice a difference either straight after your consultation or within the next few days, after processing and following the home reinforcement.

Initial Consultations: at least 1.5hr
Follow Up visits: 50 – 60 minutes

How will I feel after a Kinesiology Balance?

Your feeling after Kinesiology will vary, depending on why you came in originally.

If there was physical pain, then usually you will leave with reduced pain or no pain. If it was for an emotional issue, you may feel lighter or no difference right at that moment. On occasion you may feel worse. The thing is, there has been a change and your body is trying to get rid of the chemical or emotional toxins.

Sometimes, the body needs to process things and it may take a day or two to feel a difference. On rare occasions, a client may experience a headache or mild pain and this is due to the toxins being stirred up within your body.

Remember to drink plenty of water, as your body needs this to help eliminate toxins, and helps your body with the processing and recovery!

How many Appointments will I need?

The number of Kinesiology appointments depends on the individual person and what you are coming to see me for.

I usually say that three is a great number to begin with. In the first three Kinesiology sessions, you will be assessed, your full case history will be recorded, then in the second and third follow up appointments, we will deal with the issues that have presented.

You may choose to have further balances for other stressful areas in your life. It is also possible to have just a one off balance if you want me to check for supplements or allergies.

The other thing to think about is a maintenance program. We get our car serviced on a regular basis. Kinesiology is great for looking after your ‘whole’ body BEFORE it gets stressed and breaks down.

Package deals are available. Your choice of 3, 5 or 7 appointments. For those who love to look after their health and wellbeing on a regular basis, for maintaining yourself mentally, physically and emotionally, then 10 appointments can also be purchased. Yes, there is an expiry date and it is TWO YEARS after purchase date. I’m sure that this will be plenty of time for you to use these appointments in.

Why is water important to drink before and after the Balance?

Our body is made up of 75% water and the brain is about 85% water. If you are dehydrated, then different parts of your body will be affected. Severe dehydration can be the cause of some major degenerative diseases of the body. Having sufficient water in your system will give me a more accurate reading from your muscle testing, therefore your kinesiology balance, as a whole, will be of greater benefit to you.

Don’t worry if you haven’t had any water before you come to your appointment. I will have some in my clinic room for you. It is just as important to drink plenty of water afterwards too (a little more that usual) as your body will still be processing information, from your session. This processing may even continue for a couple of days.

So keep up the water!

Is Kinesiology still appropriate if I am seeing a Counsellor or Psychologist?

Yes, of course it is! At the end of the day as long as you are feeling centred, clear and on track, then one of us is doing great work!

What Else Should I know?

After your Kinesiology balance, you should drink plenty of water to get the best effect. In fact, I will give you water myself. Your body and brain need water to continue the healing process after you leave. Oh, and Remember to Breathe!

There is often a need for home reinforcement by taking a Flower Essence, Mineral Therapy, pressing an acupressure point, meditating and/or reading affirmations. Whatever the home reinforcement is, I check with your body that it is the right thing for you and that you will be comfortable doing it, so it’s really up to you to take action, so you get the results you want!

About Packages, Programs & Payments...

How does an online appointment work via Zoom (similar to Skype)?

First of all, I will send you a link to Zoom, with the date and time of your appointment. All you need to do is click on the link and it will take you straight to Zoom. If this is your first time, Zoom will ask you to download a small program to get started. And wallah, you are connected and off we go.

This means that you are able to experience your Kinesiology appointment in the comfort of your own home, office or other private space.

In person I would normally use an indicator muscle on you (usually an arm muscle). In a Zoom appointment I set a clear intention to muscle check, on my own body, on your behalf (it's like I am surrogating for you) . I will still use many of the same processes and techniques that I would face to face, however I will also use other techniquess that are more conducive to a distance appointment. An example of this would be: if a flower essence came up, I would take this on your behalf; If acupressure points comes up, I would hold these points, and also get you to hold them on yourself, while we discuss the emotions and what is going on for you. You will receive the same benefits you would in a face-to-face appointment.

In fact, some of my clients, who have seen me in person and online, prefer it as they say that they feel like they are doing more to help themselves, and they don't have to drive to see me.

Do you Offer Payment Plans?

Yes, for any of the package deals or the "Business Balance" program, I have a payment plan that I am happy to go through in more detail.
Book a complementary chat to find out more.

Click here to find out more about the "Business Balance" program.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Once your booking has been confirmed, please make a commitment to attend your session. If you require to reschedule or cancel please provide at least 24 hours notice. Due to the limited number of sessions available, if a cancellation is made within less than 24 hours before your appointment time you will be responsible to pay the full amount of your session (if you are able to send someone in your place then you won't need to pay for that session). Thank you for your respect and understanding.

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