Feel Stressed When The Internet Won’t Work?

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Do you feel stressed when your internet doesn’t work? Until recently, I had no idea how much modern day technology is ingrained and built into our lives.  Since the last week of November, until yesterday, I have been cut off from the internet.  Cut off from the world (so to speak) and have missed the interaction that I have with so many friends, family, and clients.

The first week I just thought it would fix itself, the second week I was on the phone (for hours) to Optus and the lady telling me that I would need to buy a new modem for $60 and if that didn’t work then possibly pay for new lines to be connected because of old wiring. I could have chosen to feel and be stressed. Who would that have helped though? Not the Lady in India, from Optus, and not me!

So I quickly got into “The Zone” –  The “Positive Intention” zone, the “Ask & You Shall Receive” zone.  She kept putting me on hold, to test this and that, and then would come back saying “I’m sorry for putting you on hold” and “thank you for being so nice to me”.  I said that it was not her fault that I don’t have internet. I also mentioned to her that I had been with Optus for 32 years and I would like to receive a free modem.  She replied “Yes, I can see that and I will speak to my supervisor”

When she came back to the call, she said that she had spoken to her supervisor and told him that I had been with Optus for 32 years, that I have been very nice to her on the phone, and that I “DESERVE” a new modem, for FREE!, AND… (she said very happily) I have also organised a technician to come out to you Free of charge as well!”

I received the new modem and unfortunately, it didn’t do anything.  The Optus technician came out in the middle of last week and he said that the line from the road to the box was working but not great.  He also said that the line from my place to the box was not working and that I needed to get an electrician and left without explaining exactly what I needed to do.

This is when I “put it out there” and asked again for what I wanted…  I made up an affirmation which said…
“I am so happy and grateful now that my internet is working”
I knocked on my neighbour’s door and asked if her internet was ok and she said that there were no issues other than it being slow sometimes.  I told her that I hadn’t had internet for about 2 weeks and she asked if I would like her password as she had unlimited.

Oh My Goodness… Is that not what I asked for?  To have my internet working?  I just needed to be a little clearer in the asking!  My internet was working on her code and password!  (I love this stuff)

So,  back to the Optus shop to speak with the staff, who then put me through to Optus Accounts.  They agreed to reimburse me three weeks of my bill and then I was transferred to Optus Tech, where they advised me that it was not their responsibility to fix the wiring from the box at the road to the box at my house.

Back home and onto the phone to electricians that are qualified in telephone and internet wiring…
I had a call back from Mark (CU2 Electrician) and he said that he was able to pop out on Saturday morning to see if he could help me.  He rewired it all and I have found out that the body corporate will pay for this.

All in all, it has been a bit of a challenge. Instead of being stressed, I have walked my talk.  I have done Kinesiology Balances on myself, I have put my hand on my forehead, and I have Remembered to Breathe!

What do you do when you’re stressed?
Love Maria

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